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Tchai-Ovna, Glasgow - Publicly Convenient Architectures

About Tchai-Ovna, Glasgow

Previous Entry Tchai-Ovna, Glasgow May. 6th, 2006 @ 05:42 pm Next Entry
Tchai-Ovna is a tea house and vegetarian café in Glasgow. maleficent took me there to escape from the Eastercon. Imagine my surprise when I went to powder my nose...

Tchai-Ovna 01 Tchai-Ovna 01
The loos at this delightful and idiosyncratic tea house have been painted with a Heath Robinson style tea making machine around the walls.

Tchai-Ovna 02 Tchai-Ovna 02
More of the Heath Robinson contraption
Tchai-Ovna 03 Tchai-Ovna 03
The bits that aren't painted with the machine are also quite interesting.
Tchai-Ovna 04 Tchai-Ovna 04
More of the machine

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